Empowering and Upskilling women with a migrant background to foster their social and labour inclusion 

Migrant women have to tackle many barriers that prevent them accessing the formal labour market and from tacking part of the social and political life.

The POWER UP project aims the social and labour inclusion of women with a migrant background, by means of empowering and upskilling them with transversal skills.

This is a transnational project developed by partners from four European countries – Bulgaria (coordination), Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic – under the programme Erasmus+ (October 2019-September 2021).  


  • women: migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, newcomers
  • professionals: adult educators, counsellors, social workers
  • key stakeholders: decision makers of social and labour policies, players in the field of women migration 


  • creation of a multilingual e-learning platform to offer a set of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on social, civic, entrepreneurial and digital competences, for empowering women and professionals
  • production of a handbook of innovative techniques to support professionals working with women with a migrant background
  • development of guidelines and policy recommendations addressing decision and policy makers to foster the social and labour inclusion of women with a migrant background
  • empowerment of migrant women and professionals through the local piloting trials 
  • organisation of dissemination actions and final conferences in all participating countries